Welcome to the official website of the small SilverIRC Network. We are a somewhat new IRC network, but growing slowly in users. Our aim is to provide a place for all Open Source projects to meet and chat.

Browse around the site to find out more on our network. If you want to join the chat now, simply click on ”Chat“ at the top of the page or, in case you are already familiar with IRC-powered chats and you've used a desktop IRC client software, use the connect information located on the About page.

In case you want to know a bit more about SilverIRC or the people behind it, head on over to the About page. You could just ask us in chat as well, of course. ;)


Latest News

Ikey is Back!

Ikey is Back!

Posted by KittyKatt on 20-3-2012 10:06 pm

Ikey, one of the network's original founders, is back at SilverIRC! His server is back at the address irc.solusos.com. Standard port is 6667. SSL is 6697 and 6699.

And, with him, is a great, GREAT new project: SolusOS. A debian stable-based distribution using GNOME2.3.X aimed at stability with newer applications. All of us here at SilverIRC are really focused on the project right now. Join us in #SolusOS! :D 

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New IRC Op and Server! Welcome tomkap!

New IRC Op and Server! Welcome tomkap!

Posted by KittyKatt on 5-11-2011 1:19 pm

We would like to welcome to our IRC Operators team, tomkap! Please give a warm welcome to him. :D 

And with him we have added a new server to the network:  infernus.silverirc.com. This is tomkap's server and has been added to the round robin for irc.silverirc.com. You can connect to the server in X-Chat by using /server infernus.silverirc.com 6667 or /newserver infernus.silverirc.com 6667. 

Once again, please welcome tomkap to the crew here at SilverIRC!

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